Photography Contest "Golden Lynx"

Open National Wildlife Photography Contest "Golden Lynx"
with international participation started on May 16.
Goals and objectives of the photo contest, the final exhibition and the album:
  • attracting attention to the beauty of the wildlife, the formation of a responsible attitude to it;
  • respect for the welfare of wild animals and their habitat;
  • focus of as many people as possible to environmental issues;
  • maintain the image of  Belarus as a country, which pays much attention to environmental protection activities;
  • promotion of the national natural resources;
  • demonstration of the diversity of both national and global natural resources;
  • advertising of national natural areas, potentially interesting for foreign experts and tourists, attracting more attention to the eco-tourism development in Belarus;
  • popularization of natural photography;
  • support and development of the art of photography in Belarus;
  • disclosure of creativity and talent of amateur and professional photographers;
  • education of the population culture, promoting the broadening of horizons of the younger generation and the population in general, the formation of their esthetic and artistic taste.
The main criteria for given works evaluation includes: integrity, clarity of the artistic image, realizability, topic and technique creativity, composition harmony and concordance, colour and tone of the image, quality of performance, technical perfection, value-semantic component and general impression.
Everyone, without limitation in citizenship or place of residence may take part in the competition. The reception of works will be carried out on-line at the website from 16 May to 30 September. The winners will be determined by the members of the jury. The winners will be announced in December this year. According to the results of the competition there will be a photo exhibition of the best works presented at the specialized exhibition area and a photo album publication.
The competition is held on the 9 following nominations:
  • Birds;
  • Wild animals (besides birds)
  • Wild plants;
  • Macrocosm;
  • Marine ecosystems;
  • Landscapes;
  • Rare species (of Belarus);
  • Art photo;
  • Children's gaze.
The prize fund of the contest will delight every lover of wildlife! And more good news - it will be replenished!
We invite wildlife lovers and enthusiasts, professionals involved in the environmental protection, professional photographers and all nature lovers to take part in the Open National Wildlife Photography Contest "Golden Lynx" with international participation!