Wildlife photography contest "Golden Lynx" continues!

Each day the gallery of the contest is replenished with new works by professional photographers, amateurs and enthusiasts in photography of people who feel inspired by the beauty and diversity of wildlife. Since the start of the project organizers have received a lot of interesting and unique pictures. All of them are united by one of the main objectives - respect for natural resources. The most striking proof of this - "Rare species" section. Contestants were able to memorializing: Grass Dream, unusual Lady's Slipper, is deceiving its brightness-predator sundew; the black stork and the osprey.

Through photographic work sent to the sections «Birds» and "Wild animals», you will discover a new world: seals in the north of Russia and fluffy squirrel Minsk spring; eagle on a photo taken in Malaysia, and humble sparrow, which is easily found in the neighboring yard. It is impossible not to note the photos in the "Aquatic ecosystems" nominations and "Macromir». Each photo is amazing: really all that close to us, instead of the frame of the science fiction movie?

Creativity and creative approach of participants to fully disclose "Art photo».

We are waiting for new works, and under the heading "Children's gaze». After all, what could be better than to see the world through the eyes of a child?

We invite the participation of all interested persons! Admission to the contest website continues until 30 September.