Oleg Borodin about the "Golden lynx" in "Telebarometr" TV program

As you know, everyone's favorite TV program "Telebarometr" on the TV channel Belarus-2 broadcasts to its viewers not just about the weather. Traditionally, the creators of the project talk on air about the most interesting natural phenomena, as well as projects related to the theme of the natural and environmental protection. Organizer of the Open National Competition wildlife photography "Golden Lynx" Director General SSPA "Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Bioresources" Oleg Borodin was invited to the program this week in TV program "Telebarometr". What was it? You can watch the new issue of "Telebarometr" already this Sunday, 24 July at 21:10 (repeated on Monday at 09:35), and you will learn first-hand!
Admission to the contest website  continues until 30 September.