Contest "Golden Lynx". Before the end of the reception of work less than a month!

On 16 May a national contest open wildlife photography "Golden Lynx" with international participation started. Each photo submitted for the contest, held mandatory moderation and only then accepted to participate in the competition. As a result, during the contest on its official website was taken about a thousand pictures, relevant articles and rules of the contest. Lovers wildlife have sent works made in Belarus and other countries - Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Montenegro, Spain, Israel, Portugal, Malaysia, Sudan. Even cold Antarctica has not gone unnoticed! The organizers of the contest thank all the participants who submitted photographs, and are reminded that by the end of reception of works less than a month, it will end on the 30 of September. After 30 of September, according to the rules of the competition, work which were sent and past moderation and accommodation, will be evaluated by members of the Small jury. Then the Grand Jury of the contest begins the work.
You still have a chance to take part in the contest and compete for prizes!