Reception of original works from participants of photo contest "Golden Lynx" will be finished on 30 November!

Final of the Open national contest of wildlife photography with international participation "Golden Lynx" is coming and winners will be announced in December. For the attention of contestants! Most of work authors who are selected for the final have already received letters from a coordinator of the photo contest and provided original photographs for discussion of members of the Grand Jury. Soon authors of works which originals have not been sent in will receive a letter (possibly repeated) from the coordinator of the contest with a request for provision of original photos. Please send your letters with original photographs to e-mail

After sending originals in, the authors will receive responses from the competition coordinator acknowledging receipt of their original photos. If answers from the coordinator are not received within 2 days, the organizers ask to contact the coordinator via the e-mail Reception of original photographs will be finished on 30 November! Please, send only those originals whose authors receive letters from the coordinator after the publication of this article. The news of the Open national wildlife photo contest with international participation "Golden Lynx" is on its official website.