The final photo exhibition and awarding of winners of the Open national contest of wildlife photography with international participation "Golden Lynx"

    Opening of the final exhibition and awards ceremony of the Open national competition of wildlife photography with international participation "Golden Lynx" will be held on December 27 at the museum "Loshitsa hall". Loshitsa Manor complex is a unique monument of history and culture of XVIII - XIX centuries. Its architecture and landscapes are inextricably linked and form a naturalistic park. Archaeological excavations indicate that the settlements on the territory of the park already existed in the X - XI centuries. For the first time Loshitsa hall is mentioned in documents of the XVI century. During its long history the manor changed more than 10 owners, who were representatives of well-known gentry families – the Tolochinskijes, the Drutsk-Gorskijes, the Prushinskijes and the Lubanskijes. Period of prosperity for Loshitsa was at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, when it was owned by Eustace Lubanskij. Manor social way of life of that period is represented in the museum. 
    In 1986 the hall was granted the status of an architectural monument. The historical section of the exhibition introduces the formation and development stages of Loshitsa from the X century until the Soviet time (the eighties of the twentieth century). 
    At this historic site there will be the final exhibition of the photo contest "Golden Lynx". The organizers of the exhibition are the General Directorate of Ideological Work of Culture and Youth Affairs of Minsk City Executive Committee, SI "Museum of the History of Minsk", National Academy of Sciences of Belarus represented by SSPA "The Scientific and practical center of bioresources in the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus"  and International Wildlife Support Fund "Red Forest"
    The exhibition venue - the Museum "Loshitsa hall", passage Chizhevskih, 8-2. 
    Open hours of the exhibition - from 28 December 2016 until 29 January 2017 from 11:00 to 18:00. 
Tickets for adults- 8 rubles , 
Tickets for higher education institutions students- 4 rubles; 
Tickets for general secondary, specialized secondary, and vocational educational institutions students - 1.5 rubles; 
Tickets for children under 7 years old; disabled people; Great Patriotic War veterans; orphans; conscripts are free. 
Closed: Monday and Tuesday. 
For information call (017) 285-18-86.