General provisions
1.1. SSPA "Scientific and Practical Center for Bioresources" of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus and International Wildlife Fund support "Krasny Bor" are the organizers and the legal owners of open national wildlife photo contest "Golden Lynx" with international participation;
1.2. The competition takes place in an interactive regime with using the site;
1.3. The contestants and the coordinators interaction will be carried out via e-mail:;
1.4. Official languages of the competition are Belarusian, Russian and English;
1.5. Categories:
- Birds;
- Wild animals (except for the birds);
- Wild plants;
- Macrocosm;
- Aquatic ecosystems;
- Landscape;
- Rare species (of Belarus). Rare species are the species listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus or ones with the status of international protection or any other kind, which are rarely found in nature;
- Art photo. In this category usage of graphical editors (any computer program such as Adobe Photoshop, Apertura, CorelPhoto-Paint, etc. with the help of which one can carry out photos digital processing) are allowed;
- Children's gaze. For participants up to 16 years old.
1.6. The main criteria for given works evaluation includes: integrity, clarity of the artistic image, realizability, originality of ideas, topic and technique creativity, composition harmony and concordance, colour and tone of the image, quality of performance, technical perfection, value-semantic component and general impression;
1.7. If necessary, experts can be involved with the evaluation of the works;
1.8. No more than three works can be presented in each nomination;
1.9. Moderators are allowed to move a work to another nomination;
1.10. Moderator and Jury are not solutions controversial subjects;
1.11. The contest organizers are permitted to change the rules.

2. Dates of the competition
2.1. Duration of the competition - 16 May 2016 to 15 October 2016;
2.2. Photo submission from 17:00 May 16nd, 2016 to 23:59 September 30th, 2016;
2.3. Winners will be announced in December 2016;
2.4. Prize delivery term from December 12th, 2016 to February 11th, 2017.

3. Contestants
3.1. Everyone who is interested in invited to be a Contestant. If the photos submitted to the contest (further works) satisfy the requirements of the competition, place of residence, nationality, training and age does not matter;
3.2. Organizing committee and jury are prohibited to participate in the competition;
3.3. Contestants have the rights and responsibilities established by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and current rules.

4. The procedure of participation in contest and winners selection:
4.1. First step:
4.1.1. Contestants should register on the website, confirming their agreement with the provisions and load (see. P. 7) their works in selected categories;
4.1.2. Works loaded are moderated (pre-selection process) for compliance with the conditions of the competition;
Not allowed:

  • Uploading of works not created by the contestants;
  • Submitting of works - laureates (winners) of international photo contests;
  • Obscene language in descriptions of works;
  • Works with the images of domestic animals;
  • Works with the image of wild animals kept in captivity;
  • Works from zoo or other similar institutions;
  • Works obtained in some ethically illegal actions.

4.1.3. Works which do not match the contest topic, as well as the quality and technical requirements, will be excluded from participation in the contest;
4.1.4. Works which pass moderation are allowed to participate in the second step.
4.2. Second step:
4.2.1. Works are evaluated by the members of the small jury with a point system;
4.2.2. The best photos will be chosen for the virtual album;
4.2.3. In each category the small jury forms short-lists of 10 works, scored maximum points.
4.3. Third step:
4.3.1. The works formed the short lists, proceed to assessment by the members of the Grand Jury;
4.3.2. In each category prizes will be given to works done both on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and outside the country;
4.3.3. Participants whose works are shortlisted in each category (received the maximum score), are invited to send the files prepared for printing, accompanying them with relevant information (see section 6-8). The deadline for submitting the files - up to 14 days after receiving an e-mail from the contest organizers;
4.3.4. Non-received printing files are regarded as a breach of competition conditions and these works are eliminated from participating in the Contest;
4.3.5. The best works from the shortlist for each category take part in the formation of the final exhibition.
4.4. Time and place of the award ceremony and final exhibition will be additionally reported on the site;
4.5. Organizers are allowed to send newsletter to all the contestants.

5. Technical specifications for the expositional versions
5.1. Image File Format - JPEG. Work files must be prepared to print photos at a minimum format of 30 x 40 cm or 30 x 45 cm (in the categories "Macrocosm" and "Rare species" format 20 x 30 cm) with the resolution of 300 dpi;
5.2. The works must not have any copyright marks, signs, frames, etc.;
5.3. Processing of the original image with specialized programs is allowed in oreder to visualize the ideas and object shooting but without distorting of displayed reality;
5.4. Photomontage works are prohibited (except for the stacking techniques, including "cross-linking" frames of the same subject and using exposure bracketing and Works);
5.5. During the contest the participants can be requested for the original files, obtained directly from the image sensor without any processing (RAW, NEF, etc.).

6. Technical requirements for works in downloadable web-version:
6.1. File Format - JPEG; file size - no larger than 600 kB;
6.2. Crop or correction of works must be as same as that those in the exposition version presented for participation in the contest;
6.3. In case of participant images (files) that do not satisfy the stated specifications, works will be excluded from participating in the contest.

7. Special conditions
7.1. In the nomination "Rare species" pictures of animals or plants, taken only in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, are authorized;
7.2. The exact name of species must be indicated in the category of "Rare species".

8. Copyright and intellectual property
8.1. While uploading works, Contestants are warned of intellectual property, copyrights and they are fully responsible for that;
8.2. While uploading, Contestants agree that these works may be used by the organizer-committee for publication in order to promote this Contest free of charge;
8.3. Contest organizers must mention the participant's name while using their works;
8.4. Any commercial use is possible only by the agreement of the Contestants.